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Dove Way Releases Welcomes You

Our Doves

Dove releases are a unique way to celebrate your wedding or other special occasions. Our white birds are rock doves, white homing pigeons, that use a natural homing instinct to freely fly home to the safety of their loft. The soft gracefulness of these birds symbolizes peace, gentleness, and divinity. These birds mate for life, also representing enduring love.


Our Background

How We Got Here

Ron has been raising pigeons since the mid eighties when he joined an Olympic area pigeon racing club composed of like minded pigeon fanciers. With rigorous training, his birds successfully raced from as far as California to their lofts in Poulsbo, WA. So as to focus more on family and career, Ron gave up racing yet has some third generation birds flying today. Overtime, he has enjoyed doing releases for special occasions of friends and family. In his retirement, offering release services to others is a great opportunity to share the delight of seeing the doves in flight and the freedom and exhilaration of winging their way home.


Dove Way Releases Services and Pricing


Services and Pricing

Dove Way Releases specializes in providing white dove releases to enhance special occasions in north Kitsap County with plans to service the entire county in the near future. We fly our birds year round, yet will not offer releases indoors, no later than two hours before sunset, or during inclement weather, particularly during winter months.

Our release packages include a pair of lovely white doves up to an exhilarating flock of 12 or more birds. We use a decorative display cage for a pair of doves and a pure white custom release basket for multi bird releases. We are happy to work with you on additional customization of your release package.  Release package rates range from $120 to $300. Please feel free to contact us with any questions, to include a list of current packages and pricing.


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